YouthFest will be the inter-university competition & Knowledge sharing engagement designed around different aspects of innovation, creativity & imagination.


Segment 1: Competition

The competition is the heart of the Fest. It is designed around different components of knowledge & creativity. Undergraduate students can compete in teams of 2 members each. Each team can only compete under one category. Teams will send their ideas through the YouthFest website. Shortlisted teams will be asked to present their ideas at their respective divisional finales.

Competition to take place under 7 categories

  1. Idea Presentation - Social Issues
  2. Idea Presentation - Technology (New Product)
  3. Entrepreneurship Idea - Technology (Fresh Idea)
  4. Entrepreneurship Idea - Technology based product/service
  5. Entrepreneurship Idea - Non-technology based product/ service
  6. Paper presentation - What the economy of the region/ division would look like in 2025 and what are the key drivers
  7. Women Entrepreneurship Ideas

The Fest will take place under 2 rounds:

  • Divisional
  • National

A. Divisional

The regional round will take place in 7 Divisional headquarters and will be open to all undergraduate students within the Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Barisal Divisions.

Each divisional level finale will be one day event, where shortlisted teams under each category will be called on to present their ideas.

Divisional finales will take place as follows:

  • Barisal Division - Barisal University
  • Chittagong Division - Chittagong University
  • Dhaka Division - North South University
  • Khulna Division - Khulna University
  • Rajshahi Division - Rajshahi University
  • Rangpur Division - Begum Rokeya University
  • Sylhet Division - Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST)

B. National

  • The final round which will be 2 day engagement and will take place in Dhaka
  • All the winning teams from each division will participate at the National final
  • Total 49 Teams will take part
  • Travel expenses of the winners to Dhaka will be borne by the authority


  • Grand Prize: All 7 Winning teams will go to Singapore to visit Spikes Asia
  • All regional winners will receive BDT 25,000
  • Deserving ideas will be eligible for E2K project of DCCI which will provide training, mentoring and access to finance


Lecture series will be conducted by experts from different fields. They will share their thoughts on a topic or their worldview and evolution of mankind and society. Objective of the segment is to expand the knowledge horizon of youth and make them more aware of the changing global and local scenarios. Possible topics:


Knowledge sessions have 2 goals. Create industry- youth engagement enabling the youth to have a better appreciation of the challenges which different institutions face and the problems that they try to solve every day. The sessions, taken by professionals from different industries, will also focus on the skills and competencies which they seek from human resources.


Showcasing of the world’s best creative thinking, technological innovation through the following sub segments.

Global Best Thoughts

15 Video Lectures of world’s best thinkers and experts

Showcasing of 15 successful startups from Bangladesh & abroad

Showcasing of the best creative thinking from Cannes Lions

Technology/Digital Innovation Showcasing

DCCI E2K Program

DCCI has extended its E2K program for candidates shortlisted at the divisional levels. Therefore, all contesting teams having qualified to face the juries in the divisional competition will be eligible to be absorbed into the program. The aim is to develop a process for creating entrepreneurs through cooperation, providingassistance and guidelines to the new entrepreneurs.

Training & Loan Sanction

A two day training on "Developing a Business Plan"will be conducted by DCCI. The main objective of the training is to make the participants understand the importance of business plan, marketing management, product management, organizational management, components of financial plan, and risk of a project and developing a business plan. The participants will have the opportunity to present their project plans before the trainers, bankers as well as other guests present. This will enable them to share ideas and experiences and to get suggestions/advice for improvement. Projects that have been deemed viable will receive funding support. Bangladesh Bank has accredited DCCI to work as an Entrepreneurship Development /Training Providing Organization.

Engaging via Virtual Platform

Once the Fest is over, the engagement will lead to virtual platform. The platform which will run throughout the year till the next fest takes place will focus on the following:

  1. Sharing the knowledge content of the fest (all will be recorder for sharing)
  2. Future engagement to be designed around
  3. Video lectures by experts on different topics (weekly one lecture)
  4. Case to solve (Monthly) - where different company will give one case to solve , where winners receive gifts and a post video lecture is given on the case - how to look at the issue
  5. Engagement on social issues
  6. Message and learning from industry professionals
  7. Finding solution to social challenges
  8. Applying the solution